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Wholesale Account Info

Thank you for your consideration in having us supply you with all the latest and most unique Vape Gear. Unlike Other Wholesale Companies We Do Not Have Any Type of Hidden Fees, We Do Not Charge Any Type of Handling Fee, We Never Charge a Credit Card Processing Fee, Nor Do We Up-Charge for Shipping.

Steps in Obtaining a Wholesale Account

  • Once Your Account is Created, We Will Send You an Email Requesting a Copy of Your Business License and a Copy of Your Sellers Permit if Your Company is Located and/or Your Headquarters Are Located in California.
  • Once We Receive Your Business Document(s), We Will Finalize Your Account So You Are Able To View Wholesale Pricing and place Wholesale Orders. Please advise additional questions and/or information may be required to verify your account prior to approval.

Lifespan of Your Wholesale Account
Once you have completed your account on our website, submitted your business documents, are your account has been approved, you must place an order within 45 calendar days of your account being created. If you do not place an order within 45 calendar days, your account will be automatically closed and may not be reinstated without approval. Approval to reinstate your account will be approved on a case by case basis and may or may not require an order to be place upon your account being reinstated. In addition, our system periodically reviews accounts for extended period of inactivity such as not placing additional orders after your initial order which it then determines if your account should be made inactive as we do not allow or feel it is necessary for our Wholesale Customers to continuously have access to their Wholesale Account without reoccurring orders as this would defeat the purpose of having a Wholesale Account with us. Please know that we understand each Wholesale Customer has his or her own purchasing ability and we understand repeat orders are easier for some than others. We are here to provide you with an over-sized assortment and a wide variety of products to purchase from and to help you grow your business. We do not, however, tolerate competitors impersonating as genuine Wholesale Customers in attempt to gain access to our Wholesale Pricing.
In addition, all Royalty Vape Wholesale accounts do require an opening order of $300.00. From then on, you may purchase as little or as much as you want. We require an opening order in effort to protect our existing wholesale customers. This prevents retail customers with business licenses who have no intentions of reselling products from purchasing products for themselves oppose. We do occasionally make exceptions if we feel there is a valid reason to do so. Some examples of exceptions that we feel is reasonable are; you'd like to place 2 separate orders to prevent the pre-order items from delaying the shipping of your in-stock items, the opening order you'd like to place totals slightly less (within $15.00) of $300.00, etc. If you feel you have a valid and/or reasonable reason as to why you cannot place 1 opening order of at least $300.00 or more, we welcome you to contact us to discuss these options and possibles.

Placing Wholesale Orders
All Wholesale Orders are placed on this website and not by phone or email. If you have an issue with placing your order, please contact us so we can further assist you. We require all Wholesale Orders to placed on our website for a number of reasons and do not allow orders to be placed via email nor over the phone. First, for the privacy and protection of our customer's debit or credit card. Second, orders placed through our website is a much more efficient which helps orders ship faster. And lastly, orders place through our website improve accuracy. Once placing your orders on our website, you are able to view your order summary in which once your order is placed, it is then sent directly to our Shipping Department which eliminates the odds of a possible data entry error when manually entering an orders.

Custom Bling and Pre-Order Items: Each Custom Bling product listing will display the amount of additional time before they will ship as those items are made by hand. In addition, each Pre-Order item will also display on the product listing when it is expected to ship.

All Royalty Vape Wholesale customers may access their wholesale account and place orders only through our wholesale website; RoyaltyVapeWholesale.com. Please advise that your Royalty Vape Wholesale login credentials and account is not accessible nor will not work on our retail website; VapeRoyalty.com

Pre-Order Items
Occasionally we will list 'pre-order' items on our website, which is displays when we expect to receive them directly on the product listing. Please note pre-order items are not group buys. We do not list a pre-order item on our website until 1) our order is placed with the manufacture and 2) we have an expected ship for those items from the manufacture. Not all new products will be listed prior to us receiving our shipment, however, with items that are highly anticipated by consumers comes an exceptionally high-demand from our Wholesale Customers as well. There are also occasions where the manufacture cannot meet our demand on these new product(s), therefore, they can only partially fulfill our order which leads to those items selling out either prior or closely after we receive our shipment. Pre-order items are especially useful for those who wish to reserve their desired quantity. Our main objective with pre-order items are to guarantee our Wholesale Customers that inventory that they pre-ordered, oppose to making them continuously check back on our website and possibly missing out on ordering those high in demand items.

Shipping Prices
Shipping prices are based off of the weight and volume of your order. We do not charge any type of handling fee, credit card processing fee, nor do we up-charge shipping.

Shipping Carrier Information
We currently ship via FedEx and occasionally via USPS Priority Mail, depending on the size of your order to ensure you receive the best price possible. When placing your order, our system calculated the weight and volume of your order. If you are not given the option to ship USPS it is due to your order being too large in volume. Please Note we do not allow customers to use their own shipping accounts at this time as our Shipping Department is extremely busy ensuring all orders ship as fast as possible and using customer shipping accounts would slow this process down. We may make this possible in the future, however, as for now, this unfortunately not an option we can offer.

Ship Lead Time Once an Order is Placed
All orders generally ship within 1 business day with the exception of Pre-Order products and Custom Bling vape gear. For all products other than Custom Bling and Pre-Order items, our daily order cut off time is 2:30pm PST, therefore if your order is placed before 2:30pm PST, your order should ship out the following business day. 

We make every attempt within our power to ensure your order ships out as soon as possible. As you may have noticed, we have a fairly massive variety of products we offer. Between pulling those products for your order and our crew inspecting those items in your shipment prior to it shipping, it is a process that takes some time, especially for large orders. In addition, we take photos of all of the products that ship in each order for our records to ensure accuracy of the shipment. As much as we, would love to ship your order same day, we also want to provide you with order accuracy, quality products, as well as an overall good experience with our company.

If you purchase a combination of in stock products along with 'pre-order' or Custom Bling items, your order will ship when every item in your order can be fulfilled. To avoid your order experiencing a delay due to pre-order or Custom Bling products, we strongly recommend placing a separate order for the pre-order products you're wishing to purchase. 

Will Calls/ Customer Pickups
We currently do not offer Will Calls and/or Customer Pickups on our Wholesale Orders. Our Shipping Department put a great deal of effort each day in shipping orders as fast and as accurate as possible. All orders are pulled, packed, and shipped in the order they are received.

If we were to allow Will Calls and/or Customer Pickups, this would cause disorganization and delays in orders being shipping which would be unfair to those who don't have the ability to pickup their orders due to their location. In the future, we're hoping to make this an option without disrupting our systematization and without sacrificing the processing time in our orders. For now, this just isn't something we can offer due growing increase in volume of orders we receive and ship daily. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Tracking You Order
Once your order has been shipped, our system will automatically upload tracking information for your order into your Wholesale Account and will send you an email with that information. Please Advise that our system uploads tracking information around 7:30pm PST, therefore, if you believe your order should have been shipped, please wait until after that time prior to contacting us as it is very possible that your order has already been shipped, however, our system hasn't updated your account yet. You can also login to your Royalty Vape Wholesale Distribution Account and view the tracking for all of your orders at any time. If it has been over 1 Business Day of your order being placed and it is currently past 7:30pm PST, please make sure your order did not contain any Pre-Order or Custom Bling items that may have delayed your order.

Shipping Duration Time

  • For all orders that ship both FedEx, you should receive your order anywhere between 1-5 Business Days, depending on where you're located.
  • For all orders that ship both USPS, you should receive your order anywhere between 1-3 Business Days, depending on where you're located.

In Stock Items: All items on our website are in stock and ready to ship with the exception of Pre-Order products and Custom Bling vape gear.

Please Advise that these duration times are only an estimate based on FedEx and USPS estimates and historical data from our previous orders. Although we do everything we can to ensure your order is shipped out as soon as possible, we have no control over FedEx and USPS, nor do we have any say in how fast they deliver your order. In addition, during the months of November through the end of January, packages move slower due to the Holidays.

Product Information
We always do our best to give you the most information on each product we carry via the product description to help you better understand the product's key selling points and what makes it something we love enough to carry. In return, this knowledge helps you inform your customers and allows you to sell more product. The more we know, the more you know, which all leads to be able to better inform your retail customers and offering superior customer service. Please be aware that Royalty Vape Wholesale is geared towards wholesale customers only. On our product descriptions we only list the key information for each product oppose to on our retail website; Vape Royalty, we also include various details such as safty precautions, which batteries to use with 'x' mod, or which replacement coils are required for 'x' Sub Ohm Tank. Those types of details are not included for our Wholesale Customers as we require all Wholesale Customers to have basic knowledge of the products they intend to purchase and resale and we do not hold any liability for any misuse of the product nor any damages caused that occure directly or indirectly of using products purchased from our website. Please understand what you are purchasing and always make sure you properly inform your customers on what to and not to do as well as how to use the product(s) you are selling them as this is the nature of being a retailer. In addition, if you ever have any questions one a any of our products, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to better inform you on the product(s) you are interested in purchasing.  

Product Descriptions
Each Product Description includes the facts and features for each product we list on our website. This data we provide you with is intended to give you a better understanding on what you are purchasing as it is there to provide you with the specifications for the products you are intending on purchasing. We suggest you view all of the information we provide you with for the products we sell you and create your own product description for your own website. We do not allow our Wholesale or Retail Customers to use our product data such as but not limited to product descriptions, images, etc. All and any part of our data is trademark and copyright protected and may only be used with written approval from Royalty Vape Wholesale Distribution LLC and only for the products you have purchased from us.

Contacting Us
If you need to get in contact with us, you may do so by using our Contact page as we communicate via email so both parties have a paper trial for both of our records. All emails sent through our contact form should receive a reply within 24 business hours. Keep in mind we are not open on weekends and Mondays are our busiest day so if we don't respond within our normal time frame, please understand we will reply as soon as possible as your emails are important to us.

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