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Royalty Vape Wholesale Distribution LLC is Dedicated to Helping B&M Shops and Online Retailers Grow Their Companies and Providing the Community with the Hottest and Latest Vaping Products

Who Are We
Located in sunny Southern California, Royalty Vape Wholesale Distribution LLC consists of a group of vape enthusiasts who genuinely appreciate the vaping community and are greatful for the lives we got back ever since we quit smoking. There were many items we either couldn't find anywhere, didn't even exist, or that we wanted a better price on, yet didn't want to have to wait forever to get. As anyone will agree, buying anything online can be frustrating. Understanding the main concerns we as consumers have with online shopping creates a better website and better online business. 

We cherish long term relationships with each of our wholesale customers and strive to ensure each of wholesale customers are satisfied with their purchases. All of our sales are backed by dedicated sales team that will be there for you every step of the way.

Product Selection and R&D
We thoroughly R&D each and every product before we ever offer them on our website as we are a firm believer in doing things right the first time. We test the durability, the workmanship, and the quality of each product as we all know, looks are not everything. We go through dozens of products each day and the ones we wouldn't dare use ourselves go straight into the reject pile which are donated or occasionally used as paperweights. Sure it's a lot of time, energy, and money that goes into this neverending process, but we see it as a smart investment and due to our buying power with the manufactures, we receive samples long before details on them are released, which enables us to still be able to be the first to offer the products we do decide to carry. Every one of our team members also personally use the products we carry as it gives us a better understanding on how our products work and how to maintain and care for them. Every team member's opinion here at Royalty Vape Wholesale Distribution counts when it comes to the products we carry, which ensures we have a great foundation of non-biased perspectives in mind. Lastly, we listen. We listen to all of our Wholesale Customer's input and try to accommodate them if there are products they are interested in that we don't currently carry. All of these are just a few of the determining factors of why you may love most or all of the products we carry.

We warehouse all of our inventory in-house and promise to NEVER Drop Ship anything! We also have an in-house Custom Bling Department as well as in-house Custom Bling Creative Designers to ensure the quality is never sacraficed with our our Bling Vape Gear. We'd like to welcome to our vaping family. We're sure you'll fit right in!

Look Familiar?
Before hesitate, allow us to clear things up. No, we did not illegally copy all of Vape Royalty's trademarked product images and descriptions in case you were wondering :) Royalty Vape Wholesale Distribution is the Wholesale division for Vape Royalty LLC. Please also note, we are a seperate division from Vape Royalty LLC. In other words, if you need to contact Vape Royalty, you will need to contact them using Vape Royalty's Contact Page. Unfortunately we would be unable to further assist you as we not have access to Vape Royalty's ordering system. We do however, have access to their massive inventory, therefore, our Wholesale Customers are able to select from a large variety of new and innovating products, in which most of our items are available far before any other Wholesaler. Royalty Vape Wholesale Distribution's Wholesale Customers receive the same great items before anyone else, just like Vape Royalty's retail customers do, but at discounted wholesale prices.

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